The word ‘Gaon' in Korean meansthe center of the world.

GAONCHIPS in the center of FAB industry cooperating with various clients and partners, prepares the future by delivering higher level of technologies, which can take client’s business to the next level. Especially, GAONCHIPS has an industry leading technology in semi-conductor design for both frontend and backend that leads to the most customer satisfaction.

About Us


Founded in 2012, GAONCHIPS provides a variety of technical design services to businesses that require ASIC/SOC products based on extensive experiences ranging from 180nm to 7 nm processes in the ASIC/SOC field. From the RTL Design, Platform Design & Verification, FPGA Verification, and ASIC Design of products to the DFT Insertion, Layout, and packaging test of the Design services sectors, provides all of the solutions needed to make ASIC/SOC chip.

We have a wealth of 65nm / 45nm / 40nm / 28m / 10nm / 7nm experience with high-end process technologies, and we also have many advantages in low-end process technologies. Offers Hierarchical layout and customized Hardening for Full-chip Floor Plan, enabling customers to gain direct competitive advantage.